Modem Flashable Phones

This list of phone will work on AWS frequency + 3G frequency with modification (modem flashing) to the phone.

The phone will need to be unlocked.


HTC One X (AT&T/Rogers) – *User submitted – Stable connection*

HTC One X+ (AT&T) – *User submitted – Stable connection*


Optimus G (E970) – *User submitted – Unstable data, stable voice/text connection*

Optimus G Pro (E980) – *User submitted – Stable connection*


Samsung Galaxy Note (Rogers/Bell/Telus) – i717 / i717R *Connection not stable while using*

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Rogers/Bell/Telus) – i317 *Confirmed – Stable connection*

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (Rogers)- i727R *User submitted – Stable connection*

Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (Bell) – i757M *User submitted – Stable connection*

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Rogers/Bell/Telus) – SGH-I337M *User submitted – Stable connection*

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  • ErolSipar

    Samsung Galaxy S4 from Rogers also all of them are SGH-I337M models
    that can be flashed as I did so and I’m using it for 2 weeks now on WIND
    and it is compatible and very stable, internet is HSDPA+ it’s fast and
    also does over while a phone call!!!

    Good luck and update that information above thank you.

    • AWSadmin

      Yes, the s4 is similar to the Note 2. Works perfectly fine on Wind.

  • SH31KH

    I727(R) – Stable Connection
    I757M – Stable Connection

    One X (AT&T/Rogers) – Stable Connection
    One X + (AT&T) – Stable Connection

    Optimus G (E970) – Unstable Data, Stable Voice/Text
    Optimus G Pro (E980) – Stable Connection

    • AWSadmin

      Thanks for the submission. Your list has been added to the site

    • Carlos

      can u explain how to do this on a OGP, I am getting a great deal here in canada but I want to make sure I can use it with wind.

  • Brian Nguyen

    The i757M with AWS modem is only stable data and text. Voice connection is NOT stable. I’ve tried it myself.

  • Julius

    I got an HTC One X+ from Telus, everytime I insert a Wind Mobile Simcard, it says Wind Away, how do I flash the modem to make it work fully with Wind?