Switching to Wind – Mobilicity

This is an interest question… Whether Wind or Mobilicity is right for you. Here is the thing, Wind/Mobilicity is not for everyone and here’s my story.

I have been carrying 2 cell phones (1 Android, 1 Blackberry, 2 plans, 2 carriers, 2 lines) for a good 2 years now. For the first year, I had two Wind lines. $40 (Android) + $25 (BB) plan. In the places I visit often, the signal has been fine. The odd connection problem here and there, nothing major worth complaining about.

With the $25 plan, I got unlimited calling + unlimited text + 100MB of data which is plenty for a BB. There wasn’t any comparable plan in the $25 – $30 range from other carriers up until the spring/summer of 2012 where Virgin/Koodo had released a $30 plan with 100MB of data and unlimited nights calling/unlimited text. I was tempted to switch the $25 line to one of these to companies and I did.

Edit (July 2015): I now have 1 Wind line, 1 Koodo line. For the Wind line, I was on the HMP plan but downgraded to Wind30. Koodo is the Manitoba plan. While there are obviously speed and coverage difference between the two line. I am still able to get the full 5GB per month on my Wind line until throttling.

Now the only reason I switched from Wind is for one reason only. The coverage. Sure the phones worked at the places I need to go but at the end of the day I want the assurance that I will get data coverage at the odd times that I go out of the wind zone.

Here’s some things to think about when switching to Wind or Mobilicity.

  • Coverage – Can you live with limited coverage ? Do the places you visit often (work/home/friends house) have strong signal ? 
  • Support – Do you need the odd tech support on your phone ? From what I experienced all calls to Wind is routed to Egypt where English is not the first language. Although I personally never had any issue with the Egypt reps, but some people may not feel comfortable talking to a non-english speaking rep.
  • Reliability – Do you rely on your cell phone as your #1 communication device ? Do you make important business calls on it ? If so, wind is not for you. There will be the odd times where somebody calling your phone will get a busy signal.
  • Data Speed – With no LTE support in the near future, some may find the speed too slow. However for the price and the features I’m getting with the plan, I can live with the slower but usable speed


  • Mick Psyphon

    While you raise a couple of valid points, it’s interesting to note that this post does not display a *date* to indicate when you posted it.

    As of today, August 20, 2014:

    I have been a Wind customer for over 3 yrs; and this is what I have to offer in light of your comments:
    – Coverage has drastically increased to the point that anyone on a Wind plan can make a local call (meaning free) from Niagara Falls up to Toronto and the GTA; and either make their way Eastbound to Oshawa, or Northward towards Barrie. None of the major carriers offer anything close to that. They charge long distance between most of those areas. Also, calling from one Wind Home Zone to another Wind Home Zone is free. That means connecting the vast majority of the nation’s population by FREE phone calls.

    – Signal strength has vastly improved throughout all Home Zones. Just as good as any other carrier.

    – I’ve called support a few times over the last 3 yrs; and not only did I speak with someone in Canada each time, I am extremely satisfied with the assistance I received. Whether it be technical in nature, while setting up a new phone that I purchased from Taiwan, or switching over to a new plan that was cheaper… and which offered more. They were always knowledgeable and helpful.

    – My cell phone is my #1 communication device. I have no home phone; and I use my smartphone for both business an pleasure. I’ve never once encountered an issue where I thought about switching to another carrier, simply because of a lack fo reliability. My Wind service has been extremely reliable. There have been NO instances of anyone calling me receiving a busy signal, unless I was on a the phone with one person; and with someone on call waiting at the time.

    – The Data speeds that I’ve experienced have been sufficient for my needs; and I work in I.T. I’ve had to use my phone to perform I.T. support; and was surprised at how good it was. If I had any complaint about the speeds, then it would have to be near the edge of the Home Zones, where sometimes it may switch prematurely over to “Roaming”, which I’ve blocked on my phone. So, only then do the Data speeds sometimes sputter, or grind to a halt; and even then, only when I’m in those areas. Wind will eventually get LTE, but I can certainly wait. Even people on LTE plans with the larger carriers experience slow or halted Data speeds when they go to areas where there is no LTE coverage. I’ve even tethered my phone to my laptop, when I needed to VPN into my office while I was waiting to be picked up at a bus depot.

    Honestly, if someone feels that LTE is a deal breaker, then there’s nothing that anyone can say to sway them in favour of Wind. Aside from that, there really isn’t any argument that puts any of the larger carriers ahead of Wind.

    I’m on the Holiday Miracle plan… I pay $40 + tax each month. No hidden fees or surprises added on. I get unlimited data, text and calling. I can call free from any Wind Home Zone to anywhere in Canada or the USA… text to anyone in Canada or the USA… voice mail… call waiting… call display…

    • AWSadmin

      Thanks for your comment!

  • wisguy

    Ok my 2 cents I have had a Galaxy S2 SGH-i727R, A Galaxy S4 SGH-i337M and a Galaxy S5 SM-g900m All have worked Flawlessly on Wind! There is a few spots here and there they all switch to Rogers towers if Wind is not available. I live in Mississauga and even in my basement apartment I still get service crystal clear and download speeds are HSPA+ up to I think 48.2mbs. The only issue I ran into if you go out of a wind network it switched to Wind Away, They are using Rogers towers Some time’s I would have to manually set it back to Wind. If you’re on Wind away the speeds are fast but you pay out the ass!! It’s almost like prepaid. Hope this helps anyone!

    • AWSadmin

      You could always turn off roaming in the Wind portal. For those who are wondering.

      • wisguy

        Yeah I already Knew that you can actually do it from your phone, Well I can on my Galaxy S5 and S4.