Wind / Mobilicity Compatible Phones (AWS + 2G)

This list of phone will work on AWS frequency + 2G (Edge) frequency without any modification to the phone.

The phone will need to be unlocked.


Tmobile G2 (Tmobile)

HTC One (Wind)


Huawei E366 Data Stick (Wind)

Huawei E1691 Data Stick (Wind)

Huawei E583C Hotspot (Wind)

Huawei U2801 (Wind/Mobilicity)

Huawei U6150 (Wind)

Huawei U8350 (Wind)


LG Optimus 2x (Wind)

LG Optimus 4x HD (Wind)


Blackberry 9900 (Wind/Mobilicity)

Blackberry 9360 (Wind/Mobilicity)

Blackberry 9320 (Wind/Mobilicity)

Blackberry 9700 (Wind/Mobilicity)

Blackberry 9300 (Wind/Mobilicity)


Samsung Nexus S (Wind/Mobilcity)

Samsung C414Y (Mobilicity)

Samsung Galaxy Mini (Mobilicity)

Samsung Galaxy Q (Mobilicity)

Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Mobilicity)


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